Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FEELING FEELINGS | The Art of the Film Score

I didn't quite realize until just recently but 50% of the music I listen to are made up of film scores. I kind of just hoard them in a huge playlist appropriately titled 'FILMS' on my spotify account. The first movie that really got me into film scores was 'A Single Man'. Apart from Tom Ford's film being absolutely flawless in every way, there was a point about half way through that movie where I felt like closing my eyes and just listening. Abel Korzeniowski's score said all it needed to say to tell the entire story. It had all the sadness, all the anxiety, and intensity and pain. It had it all and made you feel it all. And I think because of this reason films scores have become something I kind of indulge in. They're not always extremely pleasant to listen to. In fact most of the time they're totally overwhelming and sometimes.... I dunno kinda emo. But I love it! I indulge in that overwhelming feeling of being taken over by pure emotion; whether it be sadness or joy or fear. The feeling of feeling feelings. As overwhelming as it may be, it clears my head with understanding.

Also one of my favorite parts about listening to film scores is that they're made to be matched up with images. But when you take those compositions and listen to them on their own it becomes an entirely different experience. All of a sudden there's room for your own imagination. There's room for your mind to wander a little and create images and stories of its own.

So here are a few of my favorites. They're not all totally emo....although most of them are.

Abel Korzeniowski | A Single Man (2009) - Drowning

Abel Korzeniowski | A Single Man (2009) - Daydreams

Shigeru Umebayashi | In the Mood for Love (2009)- Yumeji's Theme

Michael Giacchino | Up (2009) - Married Life

Alexandre Desplat | Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)- Mr. Fox in The Fields

Alexandre Desplat | The Grand Budapest (2014)- Moonshine

Abel Korzeniowski | Opening Theme for Penny Dreadful (2014)

Abel Korzeniowski | Song for the Little Sparrow

Abel Korzeniowski | W.E. (2011)- Charms

Friday, June 20, 2014


Back in March i flew home to Orange County, California for a couple weeks to spend time with family and to go to Burgerama. It was definitely a weekend I'll never forget. Here is a zine of what i documented that weekend. I blew through 8 rolls of film in two days. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014



1. This 60s shirt/light jacket thing is my new favorite article of clothing in my closet. I scored it for $5 in Brooklyn a couple weekends back. Though I'm still trying to figure out how to wear it. 

2. Experiencing a real Spring season. This will be my first spring/summer in New York City. And its been really nice out lately. I'm proud to say that I managed to survive Winter 2014 on the east coast and am now celebrating in jeans, a tshirt and a nice lightweight jacket. Someone mentioned on the train how excited they were it was 'light jacket' season. Was not aware that was a thing because I'm from California and its summer year round there, but I'm into it. 

3. Questloves 'How Hip-Hop Failed Black America'. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to music history but lately I've really been making the effort to watch as many music documentaries and films as I can. I've also really enjoyed following Questloves essays about Hip Hop and the music industry. Each essay is like a history lesson and regardless of whether or not you agree with Mr. Loves perspective of music today there is still so much you can learn from them. Though my favorite thing about the series is definitely the comment section of each essay. Comment sections can get nasty and over populated by weirdos who have nothing else to do. And because they can get so ridiculous, we all just get so sucked into them. I've definitely been there. Though thats not the case for Mr. Love. The comments are gold on this series. People just have so much they're so passionate about and so much they want to share and have thoughts on. Which is always super rad. 

4. Palo Alto. I caught a screening last week and IT WAS PERFECT. Shoutout to James Franco for going with Gia Coppola on this one.  And shoutout to Gia Coppola on her first film?! what. I dunno what it is about the Coppolas but they just so totally get teen culture.

5. The Double. I also recently caught a screening of Richard Ayoade's second film The Double (his first film is the master piece that is Submarine)  IM NOT EVEN GONNA GO ON ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT WAS SO GOOD THAT I WANNA DO A SEPARATE BLOG POST ON IT.  But i just wanted to let you know that I saw it and that you should too. 

6. Penny Dreadful. I watched the first two episodes of Penny Dreadful and am entirely hooked. But i mean, I could watch Eva Green play the most psychologically screwed up characters and weirdos for hours soooo.... Perfect timing though given that tonight is Mad Men's Mid Season Finale (whatever that means) Penny Dreadful aires on Sunday nights on Showtime ya'll.

7. Embracing my inner soul-child. I've decided that im gonna grow my hair out and just get groovy with it.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 Its seems as though that 50s south london boy flare is settling into California quite nicely.  
Hedi Slimane does it again.  Here's Saint Laurents Mens SS 14 Campaign.
Cheers to the Hunx & His Punx classic!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


So there's kind of an interesting story to these photos. They're screenshots of a photo that I took of a photo of a photo I had taken… or I think that's the right order, maybe. Basically, I took a photo using Photo Booth. Then I took a photo of those photos on my computer screen via my iPhone. And then I pulled those images up on my iPhone and took a screen shot of each image. So, they're screenshots of a photo that I took of a photo of a photo I had taken, right? I don't know. Anyway, some of you reading got her through instagram. Which is kind of funny if any of this makes sense. 
Also I'm just a huge fan of images that look like surveillance recordings. There's something that I really like about how a photo taken of a computer screen or a television gets all fuzzy and distorted. Also the idea of watching life unfolding through computer and phone screens is totally weird. Like when you're watching breaking news stories on the television screen as they happen in real time. Its totally weird to think that we live life through looking at screens. We communicate through screens. We get inspired through screens. We learn through screens. 
 In other news, I got new glasses in the lower east side today! Which is why I put together this blogpost; I wanted to show them off. So, I spend the afternoon trying on about 100 vintage frames to find the perfect pair. I also spent the afternoon explaining to these older folks what moshing was.  I had to explain how sometimes when I go to shows my glasses fall off and it makes me feel like I'm about to die. I always find them but I've had some pretty close calls in the past. 
So yeah moshing they didn't understand. 
'So this is something that you do for fun?' one of them asked.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Quietly Speaking


One of my struggles as an artists is that I often get caught up in the volume of things. We just live in a very LOUD time. A time where we're constantly having all these loud personalities thrown in our faces. We all try so hard to show people who we are in the most inorganic ways. I know I use to try so hard to show people that I was different. Because I worried that if I didn't speak loud enough people wouldn't hear me and if people couldn't hear me they'd never listen. But that just isn't true. And once I had that in my head I've slowly been able to appreciate the simplicity of things. The minimal and muted. The gentle and fragile. The mystery in the missing pieces or the secrets in the whispers and hushed voices. There's something magical about the quietness in things, the quietness in art. It's a thrill, to not have all the answers. 
But it's an even bigger thrill having to search for them.

Also, I'd just like to give a shout out to Dev Hynes. Cupid Deluxe is so next level.